Mage Forms Pro Demo

  • The below form displays registration fields (username, email and password fields) to users that are not signed in.
  • After form submission, the user is automatically registered and redirected to the user dashboard, where one can see all submitted posts, edit and delete them.
  • When viewing this form while logged-in, the registration fields will not display, and the featured image and attachments upload will be visible.
Mage Forms Pro Demo
Fill out this form and click on submit.
Please fill out the required fields.

Form Source Code

Here is the code with which this Mage Form was generated. You may copy this code when creating a Mage Form to replicated this form.

[text name="post_username" req=1 label="Username"]
[text name="post_user_email" req=1 label="User Email" type="email"]
[text name="post_user_password" req=1 label="User Password" type="password"]

[text name="post_title" label="Title" req=1]
[textarea name="post_content" label="Content" req=1 cols=20]
[upload name="post_thumbnail" label="Featured Image"]
[select name="post_category" label="Category"]
[multicheck name="tags_input" label="Tags"]
[attachments name="post_attachments" label="Attachments"]
[text name="mage_form_note" label="Mage Form Note"]

Note: The 3 registration fields are treated as regular custom fields when used in the free basic version of Mage Forms.